Terms and Conditions - School Classes

1.       Students are booked into our classes in terms. A standard term is 12 weeks, however occasionally terms are 10 or 11 weeks dependent on the school calendar.

2.       We do not offer free trial classes.

3.       Term fees are payable termly. Payment can only be made through our website. We cannot accept cash or cheques. Payments must be paid before the first class.

4.       Students must be picked up promptly at the end of the class. If you are more than 10 minutes late a fine will be applied of £1 per minute. Please note that if you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child you must inform the school as you would for a normal school pick up.

5.       Please ensure that you have returned your student information form by the first lesson with up to date contact details – Afterschool clubs only. It is incredibly important that we have contact details so that if parents are held up we are able to contact you.

6.       If your child has any learning or behavioural difficulties these must be declared to us. It is not safe for us to have children attending our classes who have behavioural difficulties that we are not aware of in advance. We are happy to accommodate and plan for all students but this must be agreed in advance.

7.       Where classes are cancelled due to teacher illness we will always reschedule or refund. If classes are cancelled due to events beyond our control e.g. extreme or adverse weather and power cuts we will do our best to offer catch up sessions where the timetable allows.

8.       You will be sent re- booking details at the end of every term. You must re-register every term via our website. We will only communicate with you about your child’s place at Stitches and once they leave our classes we will delete your personal data. We will never pass on or sell your details to 3rd party.

9.       If your child leaves our classes during a term we cannot offer a refund. If your child does not wish to return for the next term please let us know via the re booking email. If you do not respond to our emails we will assume that you no longer want your child’s place and will offer it to the next child on the waiting list.

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